Deming Economic Stimulus Funding

The City of Deming and DLCED have collaborated to bring relief to local businesses in our community that have been adversely affected by COVID-19.  

Upon meeting all requirements and successfully completing the application, businesses will be awarded partial or full funding contingent upon resources available.

General Requirements


  1. Must be a non-home-based, for-profit business;
  2. Have a business location  open to the public within the Deming City Limits prior to March 1, 2020;
  3. Be a New Mexico based business;
  4. Be a registered business of Deming, NM;
  5. Must have been adversely affected financially due to the COVID-19 Pandemic;
  6. Employ less than 15 FTE (2 part time employees are equivalent to 1 full time employee).

What will you have to upload

  1. Proof of financial loss 
  2. Proof of FTE count 
  3. Receipts/Paid Invoices/cancelled checks for items stimulus fund is used for

You may need to provide additional information upon request. 

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