We understand that keeping business as usual is obsolete right now.  As the local non-profit designated for economic development in Luna County, it is imperative that we do everything we can to help your business, stay in business! 

Many of you are making accommodations to continue serving your customers in response to COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.  Tell us about them so that we can help spread the word about it and keep your customers informed. 

Here is what we are doing currently: 

  • We have paid for a radio spot to advertise all businesses making an accommodation.  The radio ad directs people to www.demingchamber.com to see a list of the businesses and their specific accommodations.  We are making sure we update any changes as soon as possible so that it is reliable for customers. 
  • This weblink is being shared on the social media platforms of the Economic Development team in Deming, Luna County to reach all of our followers as well.

Tell us about your covid-19 accommodation!